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Simplify Church Admin with intaChurch

intaChurch is the leading platform and mobile app streamlining the administration and congregation engagement for churches.

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Efficiently Manage Events and Track Attendance

- Create and handle both single and recurring events effortlessly
- Enable mobile registrations and sign-ups for convenient access
- Access statistical reports to gain valuable insights and improve each

Gain deeper insights into membership engagement

- Make informed decisions based on immediate insights
- Analyze member activities from events, email marketing, finance, and more
- Utilize data to make smarter choices for your church community

intaChurch: improving Church Administration and Congregation Engagement

Intachurch, the leading cloud-platform and mobile app designed to transform the way churches manage their administration and engage with their congregation.

Track and organize members and groups

- Maintain a comprehensive church directory
- Facilitate seamless communication within the congregation
- Efficiently track new members and their information
- Receive birthday reminders for members
- Centralize all church-related data in one user-friendly platform